Painting Cards

I’ve edited this video as a Junior in High School.

I was running out of ideas for what to do for my next project, and then I remembered I have a friend whose birthday is nearing. He really likes the Dream SMP[1] [2], and that’s something I had just started watching and learning about, so I decided to record myself painting some amazing quotes from members of the Dream SMP onto a deck of cards for him.

I put a few symbols that well-known to watchers of the Dream SMP, such as Dream’s [3] smile, Tommy’s discs [4], and the L’manburg flag [5], in the deck with the quotes from some of his favorite characters.

I’m really happy with how the deck turned out, but I wish I had looked up the colors for the discs, because I’m about 99% sure I used the wrong colors.

[1] SMP stands for Survival Multiplayer, but is generally only applied to gaming servers that people can play on together.

[2] the Dream SMP is a Minecraft server that many well-known streamers are part of. It is heavily role-play / acting based and follows characters through many conflicts. It has a complicated storyline written by members of the SMP that includes characters of all sorts of creative backgrounds.

Some of these characters include those who have lost all cannon lives and are now ghosts, streamers who have coded Minecraft or introduced mods to give their characters certain abilities (within approval from Dream, the server owner), and characters who are half human and half mob (enderman, piglin, etc.)

[3] Dream is the owner of the Dream SMP. He is a faceless streamer well-known for the simple smile that he uses for all his promotional items.

[4] One of the main subjects of the SMP storyline that keeps coming back is the conflict between Dream and Tommyinnit over Tommy’s discs.

[5] L’manburg is a country inside of the Dream SMP that many of the characters live in and fight to protect.

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  • Margie Main on Solar EclipseVery well done! So descriptive that I almost didnt need the pic!